Arizona Southern Baptist Missionaries

You might be interested to know we have several Missionary families that are serving overseas from Arizona. They are open to hearing from you and are looking for prayer partners. They would be glad to send you a prayer letter plus they would be delighted to speak in your church or mission’s group when they come home on “stateside assignment.”

  1. Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Derbyshire. They serve as medical doctors in Southeast Asia.
  2. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dina. They serve in the capacity of Evangelism in Southern Africa.
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Garcia. Outreach Evangelism for Southeast Asia.
  4. Miss Marilyn O. Hing. Health Care Administrator for East Asia.
  5. Last Frontier Missionary Journalist and Evangelism. (area information restricted)
  6. Terry and Cyndi Cirre • Papua New Guinea • Bible Translators
  7. Ms. Sue Singleton. Serving in Cambodia as an English Teacher. Sue is the only missionary in her providence. Pray as her team builds an orphanage for the homeless children in their area. Field Address: P.O. Box 143, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Scotty Patrick. Church Planters, Serving in North East Thailand to the Isaan Buddhists. Scotty and Ginger have a 12 year old daughter in the field with them. Her name is Samantha. The Isaan people are an Unreached People Group.
  9. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Caldwell. Church Planters, Serving in North East Thailand to an unreached people group called the Isaans. Mark and Helen have an 8 year old daughter in the field with them. Her name is Nancy. Mrs. Caldwell is also a Dietitian. She uses her skills in ministering to women who are expecting babies. She also works with those who have diabetes.
  10. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burson. Church Planting and Prison Ministry, Pattaya, Thailand. Email forth coming. If you would like to get a hold of the Burson's, please email the Derbyshire's email address.
  11. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Smith. Medical Mission in Africa.
  12. Ron McDonald and Jamie Rich-McDonald. Formerly First Baptist Church, Show Low AZ. Now back in Mesa, Arizona, but still working with natives in Costa Rica. To learn more about Ron and Jamie you can view their blog at http://thejourneyof2.blogspot.com/ . You can also view their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jamierichmcdonald.  They can also be emailed at thejourneyof2@gmail.com.