Bylaws of Desert Pines Baptist Association

(As adopted October 18, 2003)

  1. All sessions of the Associational meetings shall be directed in an orderly and Christ-like manner by theModerator, or the person chosen to preside.
  2. Regarding official business items, every person desiring to be heard shall rise and address the Moderator in order to gain the floor. No person shall speak more than three (3) times on the same subject without permission from the body. Additionally, no person shall speak more than three (3) minutes on the same subject without permission from the body. Every speaker must be careful to adhere to the principles of Christian conduct and ethics, and avoid discussion of personalities. The Moderator shall recognize those who requested the floor who have not previously spoken on the same subject. Every effort must be made by the Moderator to assure to all the privilege of being heard if they so desire, rather than extending recognition to the persons already heard.
  3. A majority vote is to be considered final, except in the matter of Constitutional amendments as provided in Article VII, Section 1 of the Constitution / or in a case involving the sell (sic) and purchase of land and/or buildings.
  4. The fiscal year of the Association shall be January 1 through December 31.
  5. The Bylaws may be amended at Annual or Semi-Annual Meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting.
  6. Robert's Rules of Order shall be the recognized authority for all parliamentary procedures when such procedures are in question.
  7. The Moderator may appoint a parliamentarian at any Associational meeting if, in his judgment, such appointment is desirable.
  8. A "cooperating church" shall be defined as a church which adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message Statement of Faith, contributes a portion of their income to the desert Pines Baptist Association, and who is active in the work of the Association, and has submitted an Annual Church Profile as noted in Section 1 of Article IX.
  9. The Association will cooperate to its fullest extent in the establishment of new church-type mission work with a Desert Pines Baptist Association member church. The Association will not sponsor a church-type mission without a sponsoring church within the Association.
  10. The Association shall establish a Policy and Guidelines Manual. This manual shall contain job descriptions of all Associational Team positions, organizational structure, guidelines and policies related to the Associational missionary and staff as well as general operating procedures for the Association. The Policy and Guidelines Manual, once established by vote of the Association, can be amended by majority vote of the Associational Strategy Team or the Association at the Annual Meeting, Semi-Annual Meeting, or a Special Called Meeting.

Approved and adopted this 18th day of October, 2003 at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

s/ Diane Veronie, Associational Clerk

s/ Cecil Rogers, Associational Moderator